This album really began as a series of voice memos accumulating in my phone. 'Lines' came about on Highway 2 to Calgary in 2013. 'Clementine' on a rooftop in Nepal in early 2014. 'What If/I Wish' in a cockroach infested hostel in Cambodia. 'Hey You' at 2 AM in my old basement suite. 'Chirp Chirp' was commissioned for a friend's film. 'Weird Love' the result of moving into my grandparents old house pictured above. 

In 2014 I began casually tracking songs with my friend Jeff Kynoch, thinking we would complete the project fairly quickly. But it was around this time I began experience real difficulty with my speaking voice. I put the record on hold and stopped booking gigs. I sought professional help and in the Fall of 2015 had surgery, followed by a full month of silence to allow for proper healing. It was pretty weird not being able to contribute to conversations, sing along to the radio or do much of anything. The whole ordeal was heart breaking and crazy making. 

Thankfully by October 2015 I had made a full recovery and was able to pick up the album where I left off. We revisited the recordings, re-tracked the vocals and added a few more songs. The result is an 11 track compilation that is both cohesive and separate. Nostalgic and new. Lost and found.

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