It’s hard to believe anyone could listen to this album and not end up with their jaw fully agape at its conclusion. Cayley’s beautiful, sensuous voice cascades over extraordinary, groove-inducing guitar work that is at once both gentle and soft, yet raw and brash.
— Gig City

New video premiere!

An intimate song from Cayley Thomas that is surprisingly poignant.  In Thomas’ sensitive hands the song transcends the everyday (and after all this is a very common situation) and becomes a treatise on the nature of love and relationships.
— Ride The Tempo
If you like your vocals dreamy and your guitars bright, then definitely check out this gem of an album from Cayley Thomas.
— Sly Vinyl

Hey, check it out! Exclaim is streaming a new track from the record...

Had a chat with Sandra Sperounes from the Edmonton Journal.
Happy to see that George made the cut.

Some love from BeatRoute!

Nice words from Vue Weekly!

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